3Digit is a FunLang (a programming language made purely for fun while not being an EsoLang.) made by me (Ringhogger) that was initially created in batch. and heck, the applet is made in batch. there isnt really any way to use 3Digit outside of the applet yet.

an overview of what makes it unique is that it only can use 3 lines of code. yes, it should've been called 3Lines but that doesnt sound appealing.

note: when you download, it may say the bat file is unsafe. you can keep it anyway and even look in the code (assuming you know batch) to make sure nothing will edit files on your PC! i programmed the file to only be the applet for 3Digit.


so, initially, it might seem confusing. but once you figure out the commands, its a breeze. here they are:

by the way. certain commands are line specific. i made it so only line1 can use input for example. this is to make the code as effitient as possible.

another thing: if/else are both basically print. but only print if the input is 0 or 1. example:

just a tiny truth machine example. another thing to note is that you dont write "print lol" instead, you write "print" AND THEN write "lol" look, it makes more sense when you actually do it yourself.

once again, another thing to note is that input/context is REQUIRED for if statements to work. and input/context is NOT a standin for your own input. the only inputs that are meant for programs are 0 and 1.

the "context" command is basically input, but allows you to add context to your programs. example: